Wind Power Plant Maintenance Training (RENEWAC)


Wind Power Plant Maintenance Training (RENEWAC)

Wind Power Plant Maintenance Training (RENEWAC)

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The aim of the project is the development of a maintenance course for the qualification of maintenance personnel of wind turbines and the conversion of the concept into a continuous operation. In the medium term, the planned wind turbine maintenance course should offer comprehensive and continuous training of specialists in the field of wind power, taking into account international standards (eg GWO). Within the project the course will be developed, teaching staff will be trained and a first training will be carried out. In addition, a concept for the continuation of the course will be created.
The planned training program should comprise three stages. At the beginning is the detailed information about the offer of the course and an introductory phase. This phase serves as a decision-making aid for wind turbine operators or potential participants to determine whether the overall training or only individual modules are required. The second step is followed by a multi-level modular training program, which aims at the development of professional skills and efficient work. In a third stage, the course offers a certification program designed to deepen and confirm the knowledge acquired.

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1.000.000 €

Institutional Budget

146.173,40 €


Sekem Energy GmbH – Austria


Austrian Development Agency




  • Yasar University – Turkey
  • BFI Burgenland – Austria
  • BDT Ltd. – Turkey
  • ReEn e.U. – Austria
  • Bolakar Enerji – Turkey

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emrah BIYIK