Main Activities

Main Activities

Yaşar University Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (EU Centre) functions to stimulate and strengthen the involvement of Yaşar University in the EU Education and Research Programmes, and monitors the developments in this field. The Center supports all faculties, departments, and vocational school programmes of Yaşar University by functioning as the consulting body for Yaşar academics and students while developing EU projects with local and international stakeholders.

The Center aims to develop and participate in EU projects under different EU grants, organize seminars, trainings and certificate programmes on issues related to EU. It also takes part in joint projects with different European networks and consortia, establishes international partnerships and develops strong links with these stakeholders.

Since 2005, Yasar University has participated in more than 130 EU funded projects, established international partnerships and developed strong links with business sector and other universities.

Yaşar University Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (EU Centre) monitors European Union (EU) integration process closely and develops international cooperation between Yasar University and European research institutions through European education, training and research projects. Besides providing European training and cooperation opportunities for our academics, researchers and students, these projects also contribute to the institutional research policy of the university by producing high quality academic knowledge. Through its projects, Yasar University Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence aims to strengthen and  promote European research. 

Each year, Yasar University is involved in around 22 EU funded projects in Erasmus+ and HORIZON Europe Programmes as coordinator or partner institution.  The main themes of the project vary by addressing different priorities and topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, sustainable design and circular economy, agri-tech, distance learning and virtual reality, youth employment, digital youth work, energy, internet of things, migration, gender and social responsibility.The fields of expertise of all our researchers can be found at:

Previously, Yasar University was a partner in two FP7 projects on energy efficiency and a Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange project on optimization techniques in architecture. In addition, two researchers at Faculty of Engineering were granted with Marie Curie Individual Fellowships in 2016 and 2019. It was the recipient of Horizon 2020 Programme European Researchers’ Night Project for 2016, 2017 and 2021. Yasar University’s ERN project titled “Green Night” became the only project granted from Turkey amongst more than 230 European projects in 2021.

The university is participating in various Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships projects as a coordinator or partner organization. Many new strategic partnership projects are approved and started implementation in 2022.

Yaşar University is a partner in Horizon 2020 project titled “Linking Research and Innovation for Gender Equality (CALIPER)” which aims to make research organizations more gender equal by increasing the number of female researchers in STEM, improving their careers prospects and integrating a gender dimension in research. Furthermore, Yasar University is also a partner in “RİEcoLab – Responsible Innovation-Led Entrepreneurial University Transformation Centers (Ecosystem Integration Labs)” project which is supported by European Institute of Innovation & Technology within HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education. The project aims to develop a novel way R&D is being performed in universities.

In addition, Yasar University is fostering academic studies on the EU by actively using EU funding programmes. In this regard, our university has been awarded with 8 Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Modules, 2 Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Chairs and a Jean Monnet Network project in last 10 years. Finally, it is awarded as “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence” with the “Center of Excellence on Diversity in EU and Turkey – DIVEU” project in 2022. These projects address a variety of topics such as migration, international relations and EU studies, project management, art and culture, media, gender equality, literature, agriculture and climate change and diversity.

Main areas of activitiy:

  • Develop and participate to new EU Projects and EU Studies Networks
  • Design, management and application of EU funded projects and other projects benefitting from international funds.
  • Organize seminars, webinars and conferences on EU matters
  • Provide project proposal development trainings
  • Organize information meetings about EU funds
  • Conduct and promote research activities in the field of EU Studies