Linking Research and Innovation for Gender Equality (CALIPER)


Linking Research and Innovation for Gender Equality (CALIPER)

Linking Research and Innovation for Gender Equality (CALIPER)

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The CALIPER project aims at driving a structural change process and implementing Gender Equality Plans in 7 Research Performing and 2 Research Funding organizations, involving the highest and middle management levels since the beginning to impact the whole institution. The project’s goal is to make research organizations more gender equal by increasing the number of female researchers in STEM, improving their careers prospects and integrating a gender dimension in research.
CALIPER is featured by a broad geographic focus and an innovative approach based on engaging national and regional innovation ecosystems in the partners’ countries with a quadruple helix approach. The project will trigger and make internal changes and gender equality policies sustainable by orchestrating the core inward auditing/internal assessment and GEPs design with outward actions engaging external stakeholders to activate synergies at all different junctions of the ‘education-research- transfer to market of STEM research results’ chain.

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2.896.475 €

Institutional Budget

237.375 €


Vilabs OE – VIL, Greece


Horizon 2020 – Science with and for Society




  • Yaşar University – Turkey
  • Smart Venice srl – Italy
  • University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing – Croatia
  • LEPL Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation – Georgia
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava – Slovakia
  • Young Academy of Europe – France
  • Université libre de Bruxelles – Belgium
  • National Technical University of Athens – Greece
  • Institute for Research in Biomedicine – Spain
  • Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding – Romania
  • University of Salento – Italy
  • Cardiff University – UK

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Gökay ÖZERİM, Director, EU Center