Opening More Employment Gates for Art and Music Students (OMEGA)


Opening More Employment Gates for Art and Music Students (OMEGA)

Opening More Employment Gates for Art and Music Students (OMEGA)

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The context for this project lies in the discrepancy between the skill sets required by the greater music/arts industry and the traditional education available at music/arts departments of European Conservatories and Music/Arts departments of European Universities. The traditional education of these Institutions does not offer basic skill sets such as team building, business establishment, marketing, web site design and tournee/event design which are amongst the most important facets of Project Management. It is precisely these elements that are most often pre requisite to the enhancement of employability in the greater music/arts industries. The objectives of our project are therefore directly derived from this present circumstance and are the following:

1) To impart to students of set fields the basic skill sets mentioned above

2) The transformation of this knowledge into real world applications

3) The employment of students in small apprenticeships within the frame work of the project.

4) The placement of students in real work situation through post project termination placement in existing arts and music event (festivals, museums, small business, summer schools) internships.

5) The development of practical abilities to allow the students to become self-employed and to travel the path of entrepreneurship.

Our methodology consists of the creation and implementation of a project management twelve week course and curricula that addresses all the above mentioned skill sets. Besides this, the theoretical portion of the course, the small apprenticeships in various subjects such as poster design or web site design will supplement as the applied portion of the course. The synthesis of these two facets, the theoretical and applied will result in the real world experience of the internship.

The expected results and impact of this project are multiple. We envision the following:

1) A higher rate of employment of artists and musicians in the work force.

2) A higher rate of self-employment in the fields of art and music.

3) The creation of a novel course and curricula.

4) An increase of desirability for the Conservatories and Universities that adopt this project course.

5) The expansion and development of teacher careers.

6) The collection and publication of project course materials and its free dissemination.

7) The involvement of industry as an influence on and benefactor of this project.

8) The involvement of a media complex (internet, print, visual and audio) in the implementation and dissemination of the project.

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127.068,00 €

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Yasar University-Turkey


Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices




  • Cork Institute Of Technology – Ireland
  • Ionian University – Greece
  • Institute of Education and Youth Studies Association – EGECED – Turkey
  • Be Artive – Greece
  • Conservatorio Statale di Musica “E. F. Dall’Abaco” – Italy
  • Fundacio Privada Universitat Abat Oliba Ceu – Spain

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Ayşe Payam Gül SUSANNI