EU Grants and Project Management (Jean Monnet Module)


EU Grants and Project Management (Jean Monnet Module)

EU Grants and Project Management (Jean Monnet Module)

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The proposed JM Module entitled “EU Grants and Project Management” aims to increase the awareness and also individuals’ knowledge, skills and competences concerning to benefit from available EU grants allocated for them. Departing from the fact that, although there are many available funding and grant opportunities for students, researchers, young people, NGOs and policy makers, the awareness about these programmes is not very high. Even for the ones who hear about these possibilities, to reach the relevant sources of information through various scattered information channels (National Agencies, EU Commission, EU Delegation etc) the application procedures are seemed complicated as deterrent factors that yields people not apply. Moreover, since most of the programmes require to use project planning and management tools and skills while framing the proposals, some of the applications fail due to this lack of knowledge and competence although they are based on a good idea. In fact, all these applications also require a minimum knowledge on relevant EU policies and policy targets which base the main rationale behind all EU calls for grants and loans. This proposal aims to contribute to close this gap of knowledge, skills and competence about EU education and research programmes, available grant opportunities and the project management that is needed to develop successful applications. The target group is composed of not only students from multi-disciplinary (first and second cycle students of international relations, business engineering, arts and design, communication sciences) but also young researchers, NGO members and some policy makers. Since most of the applications require to have well formulated partnership structures, the module also aims to create a networking basis for the establishment of strategic partnerships among the target group. Such a course/module has not been existing among the curriculums of Turkish universities and also in HEIs.

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21.102,00 €

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21.102,00 €


Yaşar University


European Commission- Erasmus+ Programme Jean Monnet Academic Modules




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Assoc. Prof. Ayselin Gözde YILDIZ OĞUZALP