Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG)


Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG)

Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG)

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The research aims to better understand the dynamics of migration in the Mediterranean region by providing the first large-scale, systematic and comparative study of the backgrounds, experiences, aspirations and routes of migrants in four European countries (Italy, Greece, Malta and Turkey) gathered from 550 migrants who have recently arrived and 100 stakeholders. The research pushes the theoretical and conceptual boundaries of migration studies, encouraging critical reflexive dialogue and practice by opening new and inclusive spaces for questioning and challenging established ways of categorising and thinking about with the Mediterranean migration crisis. In doing so, it will create opportunities for increased policy dialogue and academic collaboration between the case study countries – and across the EU more generally – around the gathered evidence.

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199.933.64 £

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Coventry University – The United Kingdom


ERSC Urgent Research Grants – E14034 (The United Kingdom)




  • Yaşar University
  • Oxford University – The United Kingdom
  • Birmingham University – The United Kingdom
  • The People for Change Foundation – Malta
  • FIERI –International European Forum for Migration Research – Italy
  • ELIAMAP- Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy – Greece

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayselin Yıldız, Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökay Özerim