Survival – Standing United in Rural Villages with Innovation and Values


Survival – Standing United in Rural Villages with Innovation and Values

New Employability Within Self-Leadership in Music Academic Programs (NEWS IN MAP)

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The project aims to develop the knowledge and skills of young people to build solutions that favour their integration into national and European space. It is an Exchange activity directed to youngsters, some part from disadvantaged areas of Europe, vulnerable backgrounds to social and economic level of employability and to promote actions in order to fight the geographical and social risks that we and our partners face almost every day and attempting towards an integration of the respective regions with more visibility and importance in the actual European context.

The objectives of the Project are;

* To promote positive interaction, understanding and respect of other cultural and racial differences;

* To know the culture of another country;

* Be aware of their own place live cultural value and tradition;

* To deepen the knowledge of English;

* To learn to communicate

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19.540,00 Euro

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Associaçao Juvenil Falcoes da Europa – Eurohawk – Portugal


European Commission- Erasmus+ Programme- Key Action 1-Youth Exchange




  • Yaşar Üniversitesi – Turkey
  • Ocean Znanja u Republici Hrvatskoj – Croatia
  • VšĮ “Inceptus” – Lithuania
  • Adefis Juventud Internacional – Spain
  • Asociatia Dezvoltari Tinerilor Romani Europeni – Romania
  • Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych – Poland

Institutional Project Coordinator

 Basak Van HOVE, EU Expert