Create, Act and Manage (CreACT-Ment)


Create, Act and Manage (CreACT-Ment)

Create, Act and Manage (CreACT-Ment)

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As part of Erasmus+ Youth Programme, KA1, our training course “Create, Act and Manage (CreACT-Ment)” will bring together 26 youth workers from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Croatia around a number of activities.

The main objective of the project is to raise awareness for creativity and project management under the framework of intercultural dialogue. Supporting youth workers to develop important knowledge, skills, and attitude for organizing creative international projects will be the priority purpose.

During the project, participants will have the opportunity to explore;

• Discovering creativity in project management with good practices,

• Practicing on crisis management in project management,

• Discovering the ways to create resources and to use the existing resources,

• Learning innovative ways of visibility and dissemination in the projects,

• Improving skills to work in an international team,

• Coping up with difficulties in managing projects in European level,

• Analyzing the Youth Policies effecting the implementation of the projects

The project also aims to empower young people to develop strategy for their own organizations and projects.  In order to broaden participants’ mind, innovative examples and best practices among the participants will be shared. Furthermore, non-formal education methods will be used in all sessions of the training course to create synergy in team building in intercultural context.

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17.587,00 €

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17.587,00 €


Yasar University


Erasmus+ Key Action- Mobility of Youth Workers- Training Course




  • Yasar University – Turkey
  • Vicolocorto – Italy
  • Udruga Za Pomoc Mladima “Help” – Split, Crotia
  • Inceptus – Lithuania
  • Associazione Di Promozione Sociale JOINT -Italy
  • United Societies of Balkans – Greece
  • A.D.E.L. – Association for Development Education and Labour – Slovakia
  • Asociacija Apkabink Europa – Lithuania
  • Asociacion Building Bridges – Spain
  • Activar – Portugal
  • Evropske centrum mladeze Breclav/European Youth Centre Breclav z.s. – Czech Republic

Institutional Project Coordinator

Başak Van HOVE, EU Expert