Gamification as a Tool of Inclusion & Entrepreneurship for Young Refugees & Migrants (GET INCLUDED)


Gamification as a Tool of Inclusion & Entrepreneurship for Young Refugees & Migrants (GET INCLUDED)

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     Gamification as a Tool of Entrepreneurship & Inclusion for Young Refugees & Migrants “GET INCLUDED” is a 2 years project targeting young refugees and migrants, the young people of hosting countries and people who work in the field of refugee and migrant issues. The main objective of the project is to raise the capacity of refugee and migrant youth by using the gamification and entrepreneurship which will lead to their inclusion into the society. The project idea came up with the current context of migration crisis, especially in the Middle East through Europe. As we live on a crossroad where humanitarian and social support to each other is highly needed. So as a public university within our partners, we want to take part in the solution and support young refugees and migrants’ social inclusion, in the meantime raising awareness among the young people of hosting countries. Only in Turkey, there are over 3 million refugees and most of the time young people in Europe are not aware enough of this issue. So we would like to make a change on both for refugee youth and youth of hosting countries.The main objective of our project is to raise refugee and migrants’ capacity is that they can be more active in the solution of social problems, take initiatives and be social entrepreneurs of future. Finally, to support the social inclusion of refugees and migrants. Besides the main objective, we also want to reach such goals within the project:
• To raise the capacity of young people by using the gamification methods for social entrepreneurship;
• To raise the capacity of youth workers, migrants, refugees and young people of hosting countries;
• Analyzing the needs of refugee and migrant youth and the youth of the hosting countries in the frame of migration issue;
• To create tools for facilitating the understanding of social entrepreneurship by using gamification.

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164.220,00 €

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20.500 €


Dokuz Eylül University


Erasmus+ Programme- Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in Youth




  • Yaşar University
  • United Societies of Balkans – Greece 
  • Jovesolides – Spain
  • Jordan Youth Innovation Forum – Jordan
  • Gaziantep Eğitim ve Gençlik Derneği – Turkey

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökay ÖZERİM