Jean Monnet Module –“ Migration-Security Nexus in the EU (MIG-EU)”


Jean Monnet Module –“ Migration-Security Nexus in the EU (MIG-EU)”

Jean Monnet Module –“ Migration-Security Nexus in the EU (MIG-EU)”

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      International migration has been transformed into a significant agenda item for contemporary societies and states by its’ increasing intensity and remarkable impact. International migration flows constitute one of the most fundamental experiences of European integration in terms of social and economic transformation.

     There are several course and master programmes on immigration in Europe. However, a special course tailored for the security dimension of the migration policies and its’ outcomes/side-effects is missing as to better understand migration phenomenon. This dimension is worth to study and discuss further since it includes precious remarks for several key issues and debates such as Islamophobia, xenophobia, identity, development, interculturalism, racism and discrimination, which are vital for the future of European integration.  Therefore, the purpose of this module is to present a course content on the migration-security nexus in Europe for researchers, graduate students, NGO representatives, journalists and professionals from public bodies that working on migration and asylum issues. 

     It is expected to reach at least 360 participants by regular teaching activities and at least 450 people by the organized seminars and webinars The module will also increase academic interest on migration issue at Yasar University and also local level with planned dissemination activities and academic outputs.

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökay ÖZERİM