Wellbeing, Housing and Infrastructure in Turkey (WHIT)


Wellbeing, Housing and Infrastructure in Turkey (WHIT)

Wellbeing, Housing and Infrastructure in Turkey (WHIT)

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This research and action project will contribute to finding ‘durable solutions’ for housing infrastructural deficits in the context of two of the defining challenges of our times: Large scale displacement and rapid urbanization. It will use mixed methods at residential, neighbourhood and city-scales to investigate the relations between formal/informal housing infrastructures, their governance and resulting intersectional wellbeing outcomes for low-income Syrian refugees and Turkish groups in İzmir, Turkey. The project will deliver propositional and innovative engineering and architecture solutions rooted in vulnerable groups’ wellbeing priorities and will develop mew employment skills for low-income workers. The project will consult practitioner and policy stakeholders and build new capacities for joint research and action cross civil engineering, architecture and development studies disciplines, at junior and senior levels. Overall, the project seeks to make a significant contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 11 of secure, inclusive and safe cities.

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Institute of Development Studies – UK


The British Academy




  • Yaşar University – Turkey
  • University of Brighton, School of Architecture – UK
  • AKT II – UK
  • The Tribe Projects – Turkey

Institutional Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Meltem GÜREL

Doç. Dr. Ayselin YILDIZ