New Horizons for Young People


New Horizons for Young People

New Horizons for Young People

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The aim of the project is to encourage youth entrepreneurship in order to reduce youth unemployment and to support young people sustainably in their entrepreneurial processes.
In this context, main goals of the project are;

– 60 hours for 9 days with 50 young people from different regions of the EU and Turkey will join the workshops of the idea of creating a work, innovative perspective, the development of working as a group, finance, transportation, effective presentation skills, entrepreneurial experience transfer workshops, entrepreneurship activities, including creating programs and many different basic entrepreneurship workshop. As a result of this, Erasmus + aims to develop the individual skills of young people in areas such as encouraging for entrepreneurship, teamwork, multiculturalism, alternatives to youth unemployment, self-confidence, leadership, social inclusion

– With the “entrepreneurship elevator presentations” to be held in Izmir the Historical Elevator, to create an innovative perspective to preserve historical and cultural structures and transfer them for future generations, by combining history and culture to develop entrepreneurship. In this way, by attracting the attention of young people and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in particular, to create public opinion on the promotion of young people to entrepreneurship.

– To create an “innovative and remarkable entrepreneurship program” that will be implemented sustainably with the support of transnational and local stakeholders using the main theme of Izmir historical elevator.

The project,which will include a total of 50 young people from Turkey, Greece, Slovakia and Norway, will be implemented in Izmir for a period of 9 days.

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21.910 EUR

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Erasmus+ Youth Mobility




  • Yaşar University, Turkey
  • Creatorium, Norway
  • Institoyto Koinonikis Kainotomias Kai Synoxis, Greece
  • ADEL, Slovakia

Institutional Project Coordinator

Yaşar University Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office