The Economics of Sustainable Energy with Clean Energy Point of View (ECOSUSEN)


The Economics of Sustainable Energy with Clean Energy Point of View (ECOSUSEN)

The Economics of Sustainable Energy with Clean Energy Point of View (ECOSUSEN)

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The objective of this IP is to introduce the renewable energy technology and increase the awareness level about the environmental consequences. It also aims to explain the relationship between sustainable economy and renewable energy technologies.The aim of the program is to increase the awareness about the energy efficiency. Upon the successful competition of this IP the students will be able to gain the following knowledge, skills and competencies:

• To determine the the technical and economic (cost) fundamentals of important and emerging sustainable energy technologies.

• To explain how the economic and technical performance of sustainable energy technologies be measured and compared.

• To identify and analyze the technical and economic obstacles to the widespread use of sustainable technologies.

• To distinguish and analyze the different sustainable energy technologies in terms of their long-term economic promises.

• To analyze and analyze which sustainable energy technologies are closest to commercialization.

• To illustrate the operation of a range of sustainable energy systems technology.

• To identify and interpret the operating characteristics of sustainable energy devices.

• To outline the process and criteria for the selection of a potential sustainable energy option.

• To apply standard methods to demonstrate the design study process for an energy system for a building.

• Provide an overview of the environmental impact of current and future energy sources and uses.

The target group consists of university first cycle undergraduate  students and teachers and experts from the energy industry.

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39.964 €

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Yasar University


LLP/ ERASMUS- Intensive Programmes (IP)




  • Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen – Belgium
  • Escola Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears – Spain
  • Banku Augstkola – Latvia
  • Coleg Llandrillo Cymru – Wales – the United Kingdom
  • Technological Educational Institute of Crete TEIC – Greece
  • Universita degli Studi di Perugia – Italy
  • Instituto Politecnico do Porto – Portugal
  • Politechnika Czestochowska – Poland

Institutional Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Edip TEKER