The Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare and Open Sources Intelligence (IWOSI)


The Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare and Open Sources Intelligence (IWOSI)

The Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare and Open Sources Intelligence (IWOSI)

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The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is rapidly and continuously changing and re-shaping the concepts such as the arena, theatre, combat engagement and warfare into some unprecedented terms like cyber-space, cyber-war, and information warfare and, open source intelligence. United States, Department of Defence defines cyberspace as: “The notional environment in which digitized information is communicated over computer networks.” Even, and especially, NATO; who complies with this paradigm, has underlined the cyber threats and the actions that will be taken against, in its new strategy dated May 17th, 2010, and the new NATO Strategic Concept as well. Nothing could be more right and timely then this new strategy of NATO which was underlined by STUXNET WORM which is now considered as the marker malware that delineates the beginning of the cyber-war era under the terms of information warfare. Thus, the dissemination of information is now more important than ever and, an IWOSI Intensive Program; which aims the awareness and education for the issues that dominate cyber space is not only timely but also, if nothing more, will serve thoroughly to the purpose of EU’s current efforts for security and stability. Within this scope, the objectives of IWOSI IP are:

  • to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the issues related to by whom and for what reasons cyber-threats have been moved to the agenda of the governments, how governments assess, prevent, defend and response against the implications of the cyber dimension of modern conflict.
  • to supply a training material for the students and lecturers on the IP subject which is important for the future of Europe but not adequately  placed yet to the curriculums of European HEIs.
  • to create awareness on the need for developing ICT based interdisciplinary contents and courses and provide a comprehensive example for this kind of a course.

Target group of the IP is the students of Computer Science and/or Engineering plus of International Relations reflect the dual character of this new expertise area. Therefore; IWOSI IP will be dominated by the junior or senior level undergraduate students of those departments.

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48.834 €

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Yaşar University


LLP/ ERASMUS- Intensive Programmes (IP)




  • University College West-Flanders – Belgium
  • Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven – Belgium
  • Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas – Lithuania
  • Instituto Politécnico do Porto – Portugal
  • Instituto Politécnico de Santarém – Portugal
  • Instituto Politécnico de Bragança – Portugal
  • Technological Educational Institution of Western Macedonia – Greece
  • Universitat Politecnica De Valencia – Spain
  • Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences – Greece

Institutional Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Ahmet KOLTUKSUZ