Green Logistics: Trends and Applications for a Sustainable Life-Style (GREENLOG)


Green Logistics: Trends and Applications for a Sustainable Life-Style (GREENLOG)

Green Logistics: Trends and Applications for a Sustainable Life-Style (GREENLOG)

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The proposed IP, undertaken in Turkey, will provide students the conceptual, analytical and practical issues together with the factual knowledge to critically think about and develop an understanding of the logistics management with an environmental point of view. In this framework, the objectives of the IP are:

  • to focus on the developments and trends in logistics and supply chain management practices with an environmental-sensitive point of view as a green approach, in particular
  • to review and analyse current developments and applications for greening the processes and businesses throughout supply chains in Europe
  • to bring a new perspective and an interdisciplinary approach to “Green Logistics” course by encouraging efficient and multinational teaching from more than 3 different disciplines, such as international logistics management, international business, international relations, environmental management and industrial engineering
  • to enable students and teachers to work together in multinational groups in a highly multinational sphere
  • to be able to handle and evaluate the developments in the logistics industry by using analytical approaches from logistics and supply chain management points of view
  • to supply both theoretical and performance based learning and teaching conditions to students and teachers in order to gain a new and innovative perspectives for the IP’s topic
  • to enable students to evaluate the environmental sensitivities of institutions, companies and people taking roles in the activities of global logistics and supply chain management processes and to develop innovative green solutions by considering a social responsibility
  • to enable students to consider team work in her/his professional business life and to compose various methods in order to contribute to the development of personal and professional skills
  • to supply opportunity to the teaching staff as facilitating a sphere to exchange views on the “Green Logistics” course teaching content, new curricula approaches and to test teaching methods in an international classroom environment.

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29.205 €

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Yasar University


LLP/ ERASMUS- Intensive Programmes (IP)




  • University of Macedonia – Greece
  • Banku Augstskola – Latvia
  • Politechnika Czestochowska – Poland
  • Instituto Politecnico de Coimbra – Portugal
  • Stenden University of Applied Science – The Netherlands

Institutional Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Şevkinaz GÜMÜŞOĞLU