Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG)

We are happy to announce that the project titled “Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG)” has been accepted to be funded by the Economic and Research Council of the UK.

The project consortium involves Coventry University (Coordinator Inst.), Yasar University, Oxford University, Birmingham University, International and European Forum of Migration Research (FIERI), Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).

The aim of the project is to better understand the dynamics (determinants, drivers and infrastructures) behind the recent unprecedented levels of migration across, and loss of life in, the Mediterranean; to map the interaction of migrants with a multitude of non-state actors (for example ‘smugglers’ and civil society organisations) and state actors (for example navy / coastguard); to explore the relevant opportunities and constraints in countries of origin and refuge/transit; to provide a robust evidence base to inform the development of policy responses by governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental actors.

The project will be coordinated by Assist.Prof.Dr.Ayselin YILDIZ and Assist.Prof.Dr. Gokay OZERİM on the side of Yasar University.