Save Our Stories: Chapter 3


Save Our Stories: Chapter 3

Save Our Stories: Chapter 3

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Save Our Stories: Chapter 3″ is a follow-up youth exchange that aims to get to know our cultures better, get to know the similarities and differences in Europe and make alive the forgotten stories and legends to be more valuable among the modern technical-minded society. Stories preserve our own history and culture, passing it along in a form that’s easy to remember to the next generation. As the world has become more dynamic and we are influenced by the internet media and cinematography, less and fewer stories and legends are transferred by word-of-mouth (known as oral tradition). With this project, we are aiming to save our stories and preserve them using film-making as a modern tool that is easily accessible for young people.

Save our stories: Chapter 3 will take place in the Trakai, Lithuania in the period of 01/03/2019 – 07/03/2019. Youngsters from Lithuania, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Austria – who lack international experience and are eager for new discoveries will spend some time together trying to get to know other cultures through long forgotten way – storytelling. The project mixes different type of people, starting off with those, who have zero previous experience, and those, who have already gotten a chance to participate in such events, with youngsters who have some kind of cultural difficulties.

The project will bring group discussions, workshops, simulation exercises, and role plays should bring communication and collaboration to the completely different level. We have set several objectives of the project: Raising awareness about the importance of preserving stories as a core of our cultures; Break stereotypes and prejudice; Promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding between young people who belong to different cultural backgrounds; Decrease the cultural fears which are one of the most important problems nowadays about migration processes in Europe; Discover film-making as a powerful tool for promoting cultural diversity and its benefits; Allow young people that usually are not able to take part in abroad experiences and mobilities; Encourage young people to actively participate in international projects and use the opportunities of Erasmus + program.

This youth exchange provides a ground needed for people to meet each other, heavily increase knowledge about European cultures and traditions. With this project, we aim to make a huge impact in our communities on raising awareness about the roots of our cultures and how similar we are with others.

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VšĮ Inceptus (Lithuania)


Erasmus+ Programme  Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals




  • Yaşar University
  • The Bettermaking Organization Austria Verein fur die Aufwertung der Kommunikativen und Kommunalen Regionalen und Europaischen Jugendarbeit (Austria)
  • Connected for Future (Bulgaria)
  • Udruga za Promicanje Pozitivne Afirmacije Mladih u Drustvu Impress Daruvar (Croatia)
  • Mladinski Senat Strumica (Macedonia)

Institutional Project Coordinator

Burcu Kiper, Project Processes Chief, EU Center