Reaching Out in Dorset Through EVS Initiatives


Reaching Out in Dorset Through EVS Initiatives

Reaching Out in Dorset Through EVS Initiatives

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    Through ‘Reaching Out in Dorset Through EVS Initiatives’ project, it is planned to reach marginal groups in the local community, to provide opportunities to young people about EVS and to reach more people with fewer opportunities. During the project period, a total of 8 EVS volunteers from 6 different countries will participate.Within the scope of the project, work will be carried out for young people in areas such as access to disadvantaged groups, health and welfare, youth work, citizenship, leisure time, marketing and pre-school education.

  • YMCA Bournemouth will have a growing community presence through the media, fundraising and community activities created by EVS volunteers;
  • Care and support will be carried out by EVS volunteers for the children in the institution’s preschool unit and communication centers;
  • As a result of the activities of EVS volunteers, the sportive activities of children living in Poole City will increase and it will be easier for them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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75.812,00 €

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YMCA Bournemouth


Erasmus+ Programme  Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals




  • Yaşar University – Turkey
  • Associacion Building Bridges – Spain
  • Federatio YMCA Romania – Romania
  • CVJM – Gesamtverband in Deutschland e.V. – Germany
  • YMCA in the Czech Republic – Czech Republic
  • Associazione Porta Nuova Europa, Italy

Institutional Project Coordinator

Burcu Kiper, Project Processes Chief, EU Center