EU Foreign Policy and the Climate Crisis (EUforCliC)


EU Foreign Policy and the Climate Crisis (EUforCliC)

EU Foreign Policy and the Climate Crisis (EUforCliC)

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The project aims are the following:

  • Enhancing the qualifications and employability of undergraduate students at the Department of International Relations, Yaşar University by offering them a course on EU Foreign Policy and Climate Crisis, taught by lecturers and practitioners from different disciplines such as International Relations, Communication and Engineering. Expected result of this training is for the students to learn the basic concepts and developments about the global climate crisis and how the EU revises and uses its foreign policy tools to address this crisis. This knowledge can give them the resources and skills to analyze the impact of EU climate change objectives on global trade, climate policies adopted by third countries, civil society, peace and security.
  • Increasing the awareness of practitioners from private, not-for-profit and government sectors through its dissemination events on the background and the recent developments in the EU’s foreign policy that address climate change objectives, and the challenges posed by the global climate crisis on EU foreign policy.
  • Increasing awareness of high school students and youth in Turkey on the growing need to take climate action and how the EU addresses this global climate crisis.
  • Developing the skills of the teaching staff as they will have the experience of exchanging ideas on the global climate crisis with youth, civil society actors, policymakers and learn from them. Particularly considering the youth activism on climate change that shapes the global debate on policy options, direct interaction with the youth will provide irreplaceable insight to the lecturers.
  • Helping graduate students at the Department of International Relations who study climate politics for their theses experience teaching seminars under supervision of a mentor, thereby increasing their knowledge on EU as a global climate change actor and their teaching skills.
  • Increasing awareness of the general public in Turkey on climate change and EU as a global actor in the politics of climate change.
  • As the nexus of EU foreign policy and the EU’s climate change objectives is not studied extensively in the literature, the project also contributes to the growth of EU studies in a new research direction by bringing academics and practitioners together in activities.

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19.500 €

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19.500 €


Yaşar University


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Assoc.Prof.Dr. Defne GÜNAY