Center of Excellence on Diversity in EU and Turkey (DIVEU)


Center of Excellence on Diversity in EU and Turkey (DIVEU)

Center of Excellence on Diversity in EU and Turkey (DIVEU)

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Diversity is a key concern of the European Union not only due to its’ multicultural structure consisting of 27 member states and societies but also because of the strong linkages of diversity with equality and inclusion. Therefore, diversity is a concept that is handled by the EU strategies beyond just the numbers and presence of different individuals within its population. It is also highly related to the richness of societies in terms age, race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, economic status, or sexual orientation. Although there are several studies on migration, youth and culture, a comprehensive approach merging these three issues under the concept of “diversity” is still underrepresented in EU studies both as a teaching issue and as a research topic. Based on this background, this Centre of Excellence aims to provide curricular – extracurricular teaching and activities and promote a research agenda on diversity and EU studies by focusing on three major themes as (i) migration, (ii) youth and (iii) culture.


  • Developing and delivering innovative, interdisciplinary courses as part of the curriculum at Yasar University and providing access of students who are coming from different departments that might not have specific courses on EU
  • Bringing students together not only with the academics but also with experts, policy makers and practitioners at national and international level.
  • Developing and providing open resource, publicly accessible learning materials: The Center will also conduct research projects.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökay ÖZERİM