Social Responsibility Education in Europe (SOCRESEDU)


Social Responsibility Education in Europe (SOCRESEDU)

Social Responsibility Education in Europe (SOCRESEDU)

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The SOCRESEDU project aims to develop joint “social responsibility” course content for European universities, lecturers and students. The IP project will contribute educational and social goals of mainly LLL strategies among European Universities. Social responsibility is a new phenomenon as a teaching field within Europe. It was mainly a specific course for the business administration field. However, depending on the increasing global environmental, economic, and social problems, the idea of social responsibility has become an umbrella term, which should be studied and taught interdisciplinary. Thus, the aim of this IP is to gather European Universities to create an international social responsibility course which is suitable for any discipline and furthermore share the experience and knowledge of various universities. Sharing the knowledge, expertise, and experiences of 12 universities, this IP will design a new curriculum on social responsibility and develop its learning methods, materials, and techniques. In order to attain to this main objective, the project will bring together 14 lecturers and 36 undergraduate students, who study in different disciplines, in Izmir-Yasar University for 14 days (20th of May – 2nd of June), 2012. SOCRES-EDU will also contribute the development of new practices at HEIS since it will provide a common teaching content and methodology (missing in European curriculums) which is going to be developed with an international team 12 European universities from 9 different countries. (Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Greece, Ireland and Turkey) will share and transfer their knowledge and experience for the common need to develop social responsibility course content supported with the participating of 44 mobilities (33 students and 11 teachers). Therefore, the project will both increase the volume of multilateral cooperation and the degree of transparency and compatibility among higher education institutions in Europe.

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Yasar University


LLP/ ERASMUS- Intensive Programmes (IP)




  • Department of Law and Humanities LYIT – Ireland
  • Rzeszow University of Technology – Poland
  • Polytechnic Institute of Bragança – Portugal
  • Bradford College – the UK
  • University of Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège – Belgium
  • Edinburgh Napier University – the UK
  •  Nijmegen School of Management from Radboud University – Netherlands
  • University of Patras – Greece
  • University of Applied Sciences Koblenz – Germany
  • Department of Business Studies from KHLeuven – Belgium

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