EU-Waste: Legal Regulations and Implementation on E-Waste in EU (2012)


EU-Waste: Legal Regulations and Implementation on E-Waste in EU (2012)

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The common general objective of the IP “EWASTEU: Legal Regulations and Implementations on EU” Lifelong Learning Programme is to contribute through lifelong learning to raise the sensitivity and awareness of the Community for e-waste and its problems for both environment and health. The IP contributed to the mobility of students and teachers, knowledge sharing developing new teaching material and content, cultural exchange and recognition of internationally gained knowledge and work.

The project has been successfully accomplished and reached its main aims and targets in terms of providing internationally tailored course on “Electronic Waste” with the participation of 32 students and 11 teachers from different fields like law, computer science, chemical engineering, and economics and business administration. 7 different institutions from different 6 European country (Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Portugal, Greece and Turkey) has participated to the IP and shared their experience of knowledge. The main targeted activities in the area of understanding and examining the EU directives on e-waste, their national implementations, the problems that e-waste creates for health and environment, the ecological and economical risks but also the economical opportunities of e-waste handling have been achieved. The different approaches to e-waste in the different countries and also among different scientific and engineering areas were compared.

The IP led to improve the new teaching material in the field of laws on e-waste and their ratifications. The teaching material was also shared on the web site of the project ( in order to reach more students and researchers who are interested with the topic. All these teaching materials are expected to be collected in an internationally edited book that is being discussed among the partners. 

In general the IP;

  • Improved the quality and increased the volume of student and teaching staff mobility throughout Europe with 32 students and 11 teachers in total from 7 different European HEIs.
  • Improved the quality and increased the volume of multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe. The IP led many other new cooperation activities between partners. The IP network brought 1 new partner from Lithuania.

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 28.545 €

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Yasar University


LLP/ ERASMUS- Intensive Programmes (IP)




  • Velikoturnovski Universitet “Sv. sv. Kiril i Metodii”, Bulgaria
  • Kauno College, Lithuania
  • National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Instituto Politecnico De Castelo Branco, Portugal
  • Ethniko Metsovio Polytechnio-National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Instituto Politecnico De Tomar, Portugal
  • Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Piraeus, Department of Electronics Engineering, Greece
  • Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven, Belgium

Institutional Project Coordinator

 Lecturer Samsun Başarıcı