Revitalizing EFL Teachers’ Professional Development in Europe through Innovative Programs (EFL Teachers)


Revitalizing EFL Teachers’ Professional Development in Europe through Innovative Programs (EFL Teachers)

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Education First (EF) has been testing millions of adult English language learners’ proficiency for the last two years. According to their 2012 English Proficiency Index , Turkey is in the “low proficiency” category and shares the 32nd ranking among 54 countries in the survey. It is stated in the EF report that “Europe’s English is the best of any region, but some European countries need to get serious about teaching English to a high level if they are to keep up with their neighbours.”

   The current project, EFL Teachers, shares EF’s concern; therefore aims to make significant contributions to the foreign language learning endeavours of people in Europe, particularly in Turkey. Unlike traditional research which generally examines individual student characteristics and teachers’ instructional practices in the classroom, this project takes EFL teachers as the starting point with the standpoint of  “language teachers themselves are language learners, too.” The researcher will first analyze EFL teachers’ individually guided activities and identify the needs for innovative professional development programs, then develop a website for resource-sharing, hold workshops on reflective practice and emerging technologies as well as designing and delivering professional development webinars for EFL teachers.

   The EFL Teachers’ project has four objectives to achieve:

1) to investigate foreign language teachers’ professional development activities in Turkey in order to identify any needs for new professional development programs,

2) to analyze the current professional development practices in two purposefully-chosen European countries: Italy and Sweden,

3) to create new professional development programs (e.g., webinars and workshops) based on these needs, and

4) to share the programs with the target population and the general public.

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Yaşar University


AB FP7- Marie Curie (2013)




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Assist.Prof.Dr. Çağrı ÖZKÖSE BIYIK