Integrating Syrians into Turkish Higher Education through Recognition of Qualifications (REFREC-TR)


Integrating Syrians into Turkish Higher Education through Recognition of Qualifications (REFREC-TR)

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As Council of Higher Education of Turkey declares, Turkey highly welcomes and supports the integration of Syrians in the Turkish higher education institutions. However, recognition of former education and enrolling undocumented Syrians to higher education is a challenge. Beyond the supportive welcoming policies of some HEIs, there needs to be common professional, standardized system for qualifications recognition and a guideline that will refer to some key ways to follow.    

   REFREC-TR is a project, which does not only involve training or education activities targeting Syrians. The main objective is to have a direct impact on increasing knowledge and improving capacities for both institutions as well as academic and policy practitioners involved as key staff in the project. 

This project aims;

1. To develop a comprehensive, functional and tailor-made recognition tool for Turkish higher education concerning Syrians with documents that need to be validated and more specifically Syrians without proper documents;

2. To publish a comparative research report and a guideline for Turkish higher education system by conducting an evidence-based academic research on how to better cope and integrate Syrians and prospective refugees into Turkish higher education system.

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Yaşar University


HOPES (Higher and Further Education Opportunities & Perspectives for Syrians)




  • NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) – Turkey
  • Turkish Ministry of Interior – Turkey
  • Izmir Director General of Migration Management – Turkey
  • Istanbul University – Turkey

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayselin Gözde YILDIZ