European Aspects and National Practices of PR2.0.


European Aspects and National Practices of PR2.0.

European Aspects and National Practices of PR2.0.

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The aims to outline the latest trends in the use of PR 2.0 and social media, which can guarantee putting the ‘public’ back in Public Relations. The implementation of these findings will be the practical training of students how to use the various tools of PR 2.0 to listen, communicate and engage when addressing their diverse publics as future PR practitioners and active members of the civil society. The skills acquired by the students in the “European Aspects and National Practices of PR2.0” project are in compliance with the European Qualifications Framework as part of the Bologna Process.

The training will take place in Burgas in the summer of 2013. Institutions expect to select 5 students and one lecturer to participate in the project. The duration of the training will be 10 working days, 6 forty-five-minute seminars per day. The students will get ECTS credits which they can transfer to their credit portfolio. All the lecturers from the participating universities will be responsible for the training and will contribute lectures and presentations. The language of the training will be English. The lecturers will be given the opportunity to publish articles in our university journal Contemporary Humanities.

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25.000 Euro

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Centre of Humanities at Burgas Free University (Bulgaria)


LLP/ ERASMUS- Intensive Programmes (IP)




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Prof. Dr. Ümit ATABEK