Social Entrepreneur Young People for Nazarköy – ( Nazarköy İçin Sosyal Girişimciler)


Social Entrepreneur Young People for Nazarköy – ( Nazarköy İçin Sosyal Girişimciler)

Social Entrepreneur Young People for Nazarköy – ( Nazarköy İçin Sosyal Girişimciler)

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Social Entrepreneur Young  People for Nazarköy” is a 6 month  of Youth in Action Programme, Action 1.2 project and it aims to foster social responsibility and entrepreneurship skills of a group of young people living in Nazarköy which is located at a rural and socio-economically disadvantaged region of Izmir and students at Yasar University through trainings and activities in the theme of social entrepreneurship. The project will be realized through the cooperation between Yaşar Social Entrepreneurs Group (Yaşar Sosyal Girişimcilik Grubu), Head of Nazaköy Village and Kemalpaşa Municipality. The project will bring together 20 young people from totally different socio-economic backgrounds and will provide them an active platform and abilities for  social integration. The participants will get intensive social entrepreneurship and art courses led by young and experienced trainers. After the courses, the participants divided into 4 groups will have the chance to prepare various local entrepreneurship strategies and present them to the companies for sponsorship which will improve their creativity and entrepreunership abilities. Apart from that, the project aims to have a positive effect on the local development of Nazarköy Village by supporting the training of the young local citizens of the village and by promoting the village in national and international level. With this purpose the same group will help to organize the local festival in Nazarköy Village and make a documentary of the village with the support of professionals to increase the visibility of Nazarköy Village which has a potential in local glass bead art (particularly amulet -Nazar Boncuğu). The project will be a good example in the region in this sense and will be a good model for the future youth projects in Izmir by strengthening the dialogue and tolerance between young people. Therefore, the target group of the project is extensive and will go beyond the 20 participants by dissemination and sustainable activities.

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4.500 €

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Yaşar University, Social Entrepreneurs Group


Youth In Action Programme- Action 1.2




  • Yaşar University – Turkey
  • Municipality of Kemalpaşa – Turkey

Institutional Project Coordinator

EU Expert Başak Van HOVE, Merve AKINTÜRK ([email protected])