EU Middle East Network in Action (EUMENIA)


EU Middle East Network in Action (EUMENIA)

EU Middle East Network in Action (EUMENIA)

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The rational justification of interdisciplinary partnership is to promote the exchange of best academic practices, close the gap between policymaking and academic world, and create a thematic transnational research group. EU-Middle East Relation is the cornerstone of the EU’s foreign relations with its neighbors. In the Middle East debates; how was the Middle East built? These intertwined fundamental questions will be guided in which the EU and the Middle East are built, and to be conceived and understood by European and Middle Eastern Societies, students, academics and policy-makers.

Target Groups of the Project:

1) Students and academics,

2) Think tanks, civil societies, and NGOs,

3) Policy-makers and authorities.

The activities of the network will be carried out around three columns:

(a) Education (Goal: Group 1):

– Promotion of education and change of good education practices;

– Exchange visits between network partners; bringing together relevant curriculums and establishing a comprehensive curriculum for EU-Middle East studies;

– Course registrations.

(b) Research (Goal: 3 Full Group):

– Organizing an academic research study to share the latest research on EU-Middle East relations;

– Production of an advanced handbook on EU-Middle East relations;

– Establishment of working papers on EU-Middle East relations;

– Analysis on EU-Middle East relations based on Twitter and hashtags.

(c) Dissemination of information (goal: all 3 groups):

– Organization of public events involving national policymakers think tanks and civil society actors;

– Preparation of a website on EU-Middle East relations;

– Organizing live conversations to bring the national and EU level practitioners closer to the EU and the Middle Eastern communities.

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300.000 €

Institutional Budget

31.620 €


University of Amsterdam – Netherlands


Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Networks




  • Yaşar University – Turkey
  • University of Peloponnese – Greece
  • Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) – Italy
  • Roskilde University – Denmark
  • Birzeit University – Palestine
  • American University of Beirut – Lebanon
  • University of Jordan – Jordan

Institutional Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Emre İŞERİ