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Education and Digital Cultural Laboratory (EDUCLAB)

Education and Digital Cultural Laboratory (EDUCLAB)

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The main aim of the project is to develop training materials for teachers working at kindergartens (age 3-6) with a high number of pupils with the migrant background, on how to plan, organize and implement cultural and artistic workshops in the classroom in the frame of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. These cultural workshops will help to prepare pupils to visit museums, libraries, archeological sites, theaters, and musical institutions and will give them a “key” to enjoy such visits and to interpret the artistic creations they are going to explore.Training materials will include a Guidelines document and a Handbook on how to organize cultural workshops and video tutorials in a digital format so that teachers can not only read but even see how to implement such workshops.

  1. A focus group organized in each partner country, with the participation of 10 teachers each, to explore their needs regarding the possible contents and methodologies of cultural workshops in their classrooms, the possible cultural visits in the city/territory, as well as teachers’ digital competences.
  2. A common European Guidelines document will be developed by the partnership, based on the focus group results. The document will include common guidelines useful to implement the cultural workshops, with the description of contents, methodologies, information on how to arrange training environment, practical and useful tips for teachers as well as examples of activities. It will be about 20 pages.
  3. A very practical Handbook will be further developed containing the topic of the workshops. The document will be a useful tool for teachers to implement cultural workshops in the classroom aimed at preparing pupils to visit museums, libraries, theaters, archeological sites, and musical institutions and to prepare them, especially how to appreciate such visits.

The Handbook will have 8 sections, each dedicated to a different type of cultural institution: museums (modern and classical), libraries, theaters, archeological sites (including monuments), and musical institutions.

  1. A short-term Joint staff training event will be organized in Florence, Italy.

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268.367 €

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30.690 €


Co&So (Italy)


Erasmus+ Programme- Key Action 2- Strategic Partnership for School Education




  • Yaşar University – Turkey
  • Più Communication – Italy
  • Municipio De Lousada – Portugal
  • DGASPC Harghita – Romania
  • European University Cyprus – Southern Cyprus

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet KAHYAOĞLU, Department of Graphic Design