Yaşar University, European Union Research Center functions to stimulate and strengthen the participation of Yaşar University in the EU Research and Education Programmes, and monitors the developments in this field. These programmes include Erasmus+/Erasmus, Youth, Jean Monnet, Marie Curie, and other EU Education Programmes.

The Center aims to develop and participate to new EU projects under different EU grants, organize seminars, trainings and certificate programmes on EU specific matters, support the mobilization of students and academics for exchange of knowledge with various EU universities and research centers. It also takes part in joint projects by participating with different European networks and consortium and establishes new exchange and cooperation agreements. Currently, the Center runs several EU projects about short-term intensive courses, training programmes and e-learning programmes. It also offers project cycle management trainings for students, academics, public authorities and NGOs.

 Yasar University has been awarded as to be included in the “Erasmus Success Story Brochure “ by the European Commission in 2010. It also holds the “Diploma Supplement Label” awarded in 2011. Recently in 2012, Yasar University received “European Language Label” as well.

The Center supports all Yaşar faculties, departments, and vocational school programmes in terms of functioning as the consulting body for Yaşar students and academics in the framework of developing EU projects with international, local institutions and organizations.

Institutional Key Info:
PIC Code: 998078203
EUC Number: 220363-IC-1-TR-ERASMUS-EUC-1
Erasmus Code: TR IZMIR05