Situation Report & Good Practices Report of “Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs” Erasmus+ Project Published

The situation report and good practices report prepared within the framework of “Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs” Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project have been published.

  • The aim of the situation report is to collect data that will allow to develop mechanisms of prevention and response to situations of discrimination thus striving to increase the quality of experience young women and young LGBTI+ have within exchange programmes and to bring the gender perspective to the centre while considering and evaluating the mobility programmes.
  • The aim of the good practices report is to introduce examples of policy making and policy implementation activities and processes for making progress towards gender equality and gender mainstreaming to the youth organisations and the EU bodies within the scope of this project.


Key researcher of the situation report is Fatma Berna Yıldırım (TOG), final editor and project coordinator is Nilay Küme (TOG).

Contributors to both reports include staff members from partner organizations; Antonino Imbesi (Euro-Net, İtaly), Başak Uslu Van Hove (Yaşar University, Turkey), Burcu Kiper (Yaşar University, Turkey), Caterina Correria (REDE, Portugal) and Luiza Maria Tsikala (USB, Greece).

Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programmes (February 2017 to June 2018) is a strategic partnership project to promote innovative solutions on gender related problems for youth organizations by building capacity and strategic partnerships among them. By doing this, the project aims to increase the visibility of gender issues in youth organizations and to mainstream the gender point of view in EU Mobility Programs.The project is coordinated by Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). 

Click here to access the situation report.

Click here to access the good practices report.