Gender Policy Recommendation & Guide of “Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs” Erasmus+ Project Published

“Gender Policy Recommendation & Guide for support mechanisms for young women and LGBTİ+ during the mobility programs” prepared within the framework of “Gender Perspective in EU Mobility Programs” Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project have been published.

Gender Policy Recommendation includes recommendations that are developed regarding prevention of gender-based discrimination within mobility programs.

Guide contains the support mechanisms that young women and LGBTI+ can appeal in the case of violence of their rights.

Contributors to both intellectual outputs include staff members from partner organizations; Nilay Küme (TOG), Alberto Pepe (Euro-Net, İtaly), Burcu Kiper (Yaşar University, Turkey), Catarina Correia (REDE, Portugal), Luiza Maria Tsikala (USB, Greece)

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