Fifth Transnational Partners’ Meeting of Erasmus+ KA2: Strategic Partnership Project “Log On Back To Life”

Within the scope of “Log On Back To  Life” project supported by the Turkish National Agency within the European Union Education and Youth Programs Erasmus+ KA2 School Education, the fifth meeting was held in İzmir on 18th-19th July,   2019 at the premises of Yaşar University with the attendance of the partners from Governorship of Istanbul, İzmir Yasar University, Developmental Center of Thessaly (Greece), Inspectorarul Scolar Judetean Lia (Romania), Universita Dedli Studi di Milano (Italy) and Dipnot (Turkey).

At the meeting, Cooperative methodology and the Handbook for the assessment and prevention of internet addiction of Secondary school students was presented by Yaşar University. The 1st version of the Hand Book was presented and next steps to promote them was discussed.

Partners exchanged their experience and feedback received during the Multiplier Events. Communication of the project on the online platforms and social media was discussed by the leadership of AKETH. Dissemination reports and portfolios reviewed. Along with the overall evaluation of project period, LTT Activity in Trikala is specifically evaluated based on the feedback by participants. Updates and fine-tuning on translations of awareness materials were provided by partners. Steps for delivering the Campaign Boxes to schools were planned.

The final version of radio spots developed by participants of the LTT in Trikala were presented by AKETH. Next steps to increase the quality and usability of the Awareness and Learning Platform was defined.

Project sustainability and strategies to increase the impact of the project were discussed by partners.

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