EMPLOY Skills and Competences Handbook

Under the Framework of the “Mentoring Programme for Young People at Risk for Labour Force Entry (EMPLOY)” Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project, Skills and Competences Handbook is published. This handbook comprises a set of key skills and competences that empower young people when entering the labor market and improving their lifelong careers. It serves as a guide both for young people and for mentors eager to assist young people to be employed.

In the past months, project partners worked hard to select and elaborate the skills that are necessary to be employed as well as providing a broad overview of the youth unemployment in Europe and partner countries. The handbook was designed to include tips based on the insights from young people, who have experienced unemployment, and relevant resources.

Please click here to access the handbook.

EMPLOY project brings together 2 Universities, Career guidance centre, 1 Research centres, and 2 youth organisations in a concerted effort to develop collaborative online mentoring hub, where young people can find advice, mentoring, and peer learning that will help them in improving their employability skills with the aim to enter the labour market and reach successful professional realisation. 

To find more about EMPLOY please follow the link: http://employprogramme.eu/