EDUcation about ClimATE change and polar science (EDUCATE)


EDUcation about ClimATE change and polar science (EDUCATE)

EDUcation about ClimATE change and polar science (EDUCATE)

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Recent scientific reports of increasing global temperature, rising sea level trends, and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels clearly indicate the presence of global climate change. As important regions of the world for regulating the global climate system, the polarregions face the consequences of this change in an amplified way. Although the responsibility of mankind is evident for these results, basic knowledge on climate change and polar regions is limited in the public. Therefore, education and raising awareness on these subjects are essential to overcome this global challenge. This proposal aims increasing the awareness on polar regions and global climate change and fostering the recognition of related research and researchers in the public (especially young people) by presenting the conducted studies and results in an appropriate language, demonstrating the impacts of these studies on our world and daily life, and introducing researchers and their professions to create role models for the younger generation in a fun environment. To this aim, science workshops, stand activities, exhibitions, seminars, and concerts will be organized in two major cities of Turkey: İstanbul and Gaziantep cities. With the awareness campaign to be carried out before/during/after the events, an element of curiosity will be created about the polar regions, global climate change, and scientific researches on these issues by using digital platforms, as well as social and visual media. Planned activities will increase the public knowledge on basic principles and methods of related research on polar and climate science, improve the understanding of the impacts of climate change and related research on our daily lives, explain the importance and key benefits of these research to the public. In addition, the proposal intends to increase the interest of young people in polar and climate research, break the stereotypes about the researchers and give information on European Union and related opportunities.



Raising the awareness of the society about scientific studies and European Missions by announcing the NIGHT to
as many people as possible by means of the effects of global climate change and polar regions on daily life.


EDUcation about ClimATE change and polar science (EDUCATE)” activities will be conducted simultaneously in two cities: Gaziantep and Istanbul.
Some of the planned activities are listed below:
o Hands-on experiments done by students will be demonstrated at the stands (there will be 35 stands for
Istanbul and 15 stands for Gaziantep, overall 50 planned). Out of thirty-five stands, the five stands will
include National Agency, EU Delegation, TUBITAK, Marie Curie Fellows and EU Corner (details below).
o There will be an overall schedule for students/teachers to visit the scientific centres and planetarium with
the activities of competitions, contests, exhibitions, presentation of prototypes, quizzes, guided tours.
o Pre-planned workshops by teachers and scientific presentations by scientists all around the country.
o Display of two documentaries about Arctic and Antarctica.
o Interactive workshops where researchers will demonstrate their professions with their physical research
o Exhibitions of well-known European and Turkish researchers and painting contests about polar regions
o “Bias tunnel” for reduction of stereotypes about researchers

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149,125,00 €

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3000,00 €


TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Polar Research Institute, Turkey


Horizon Europe European Researchers Night




  • Yaşar University, Turkey
  • Tuzla District Municipality, Turkey
  • Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey
  • İstanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Ankara University, Turkey
  • İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, Turkey

Institutional Project Coordinator

Burcu Kiper