MUSic higher EducatioN meetS the cyber dimEnsion – MUSENSE


MUSic higher EducatioN meetS the cyber dimEnsion – MUSENSE

MUSic higher EducatioN meetS the cyber dimEnsion – MUSENSE

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MUSense is a collaborative project among five HEIs and one International Association from five countries for establishing innovative practices in teaching and training activities targeted on music, teachers, staff, and students of HEIs.

The main outcome of the project will allow targeted groups to establish a new attitude towards the performance event and the audience. MUSense will approach digital technologies not just as a simple additional communication system but will highlight how and in which way the introduction of technology transforms the music experience and the traditional aesthetic. MUSense, therefore, is planning to create in music HE actors (students, teachers, staff, governance) a unique mindset revolution able to knowingly act on the normal chain of art expression that has been around for centuries. Teachers, staff, and students will rethink their active position in engaging the “remote” general public as part of their curricula and artistic performance, radically changing the relation skills-performance-audience. In MUSense, the dynamic and enduring interaction between skills and cyber performance becomes the crucial future of the new digital creative and didactic model.

MUSense will;

  • Build new curricula and best practices in digital technologies, virtual and augmented reality referring to music,
  • Create innovative models in cyber and distance digital music performances,
  • Prepare students to deliver pilot blended live and distance performances, involving audience, despite the current health emergency, both in presence and remotely via IT,
  • Raise partners’ capacity to change at the same time the training practices and the dissemination of art forms,
  • Create specific course modules to update skills, competences and know-how, based on digital technologies also capitalizing previous experiences and practises of former projects,
  • Establishing international mobilities of artists (international blended mobilities, short training activities and intensive projects) able to promote new learning attitudes,
  • Strengthen sustainable future entrepreneurship opportunities throughout digital capacities.

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396.247 €

Institutional Budget

53.154 €


Conservatorio Di Musica Di Stato Alessandro Scarlatti, Italy


Erasmus+ KA220-HED – Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education




  • Yaşar University, Turkey
  • Association Europeenne Des Conservatoires, Academies De Musique Et Musikhaochschulen Aisbl, Belgium
  • Erasmushogeschool, Brussel, Belgium
  • Lunds Universitet, Sweden
  • Ionian University, Greece

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist.Prof.Dr. Payam Gül SUSANNI