Find Yourself. EVS!


Find Yourself. EVS!

Find Yourself. EVS!

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The main objective of the project is let the volunteers discover something new about their limits and possibilities, make them more mature, responsible and ready to deal with the next step of their lives. Thanks to their presence we’re also promoting inter-culturality for kids, youth and EVS staff. By daily contact with different culture young Polish people can have better bases for further development of tolerance. We hope that this contact will result in increase of interest for EU issues, new languages and people from different cultures.

All 13 volunteers from Programme Countries will work with children and youth. Their work will be focused on two main levels: first is support for the existing activities.

Second level is creating their own projects. There is a wide variety on possibilities – from dancing, outdoor activities, handy work, painting, singing, theatre plays and more sophisticated workshops. All volunteers can realize themselves according to their abilities and wishes. Based on previous years, CO and HOs can also propose some ideas for the volunteers – especially at the beginning when they can feel lost.

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74.707,94 Euro

Institutional Budget


Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Integracji Młodzieży STRIM – Poland


European Commission- Erasmus+ Programme- Key Action 1-European Voluntary Service




.         Yaşar University – Turkey

.         Cocat – Spain

.         European Village – Greece

.         Maison d’Accueil du Pays de Redon – France

.         Beyond Barriers Association – Albania

.         Talentum Alapítvány az Önkéntesség Támogatásáért – Hungary

.         SFERA Movement – Russia

.         VšĮ Socialinis veiksmas – Latvia

.         NGO Youth Club Active – Estonia

.         Kreisjugendwerk der AWO Karlsruhe-Stadt – Germany

.         La Víbria Intercultural – İspanya

.         I.PEICC – France

.         Usmiech Losu Association – Poland

.         Kindergarten 77 – Poland

.         Kindergarten 79 – Poland

.         Kindergarten 32 – Poland

.         Kindergarten 176 – Poland

Institutional Project Coordinator

Basak Van HOVE, EU Expert