EU TALK: Integrate Turkey and Turkish Media to European Public Sphere


EU TALK: Integrate Turkey and Turkish Media to European Public Sphere

EU TALK: Integrate Turkey and Turkish Media to European Public Sphere

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    The project has two main aims: Firstly, it will create and adapt  introduction course titled “EU TALK: Integrate Turkey  and Turkish Media to European Public Sphere ” and develop a new course material in communication field which will be publicly available by practicing it at Yaşar University. The second aim is to contribute and adapt to almost non-existing literature on the Turkish research literature and create researcher network concerning the European public sphere and Europeanisation of Turkish media in communication field. The academic gap would be filled with both designing the first Introduction to EU and European public sphere education curriculum and textbook in Turkey for communication students and developing researcher network and publishing academic publications and organizing 2 press conferences.

     In this course module, totally 70 regular students will receive 126 hours of the course of European public sphere and Turkish Media at Yaşar University Campus. There will be organized 5 days summer school for the media professionals and totally 75 hours of EU and Media summer school program will be available for total of 60 journalists in 3 years at Yaşar University Campus. The students will be selected from Faculty of Communication at Yaşar and Ege Universities, but there will be an innovative design which every 4.Session of the course the classroom will be open to every student from any department and universities in the region who would like to participate to the lecture.  The participants of the 4th session will receive daily participation certificate which also helps the visibility of the JM course module. This academic field, university and young journalist diversified course design is also compatible with the aim of the Erasmus + and Jean Monnet, which enable cross-fertilization and spread of EU and EPS content to add knowledge and promote discussion within diversified and rich classroom environment in Turkey.

Through this JM, 

1. The European studies will be tried to integrate to the communication researches and help to mainstream the EU studies which are mostly dominated by international relations researchers.

2. It will try to establish an academic path within the field which has the less European dimension. EU related courses are mostly available to IR students at Yaşar and Ege Universities and not chosen by totally 575 Yaşar and 2000 communication students of these universities.

3. There isn’t quota for these students since there isn’t any demand and interest. The aim is to create a specific curriculum and the course material, textbook on EU and European public sphere and Turkish media subjects and design it for communication students but also available for the other fields as a general understanding of EU and public sphere concepts.

4. The aim is to design the curriculum and to give the EPS course  70 communication students in within 3 years at Yaşar University.

5. The course will be open to journalists (every 4th session).

6. There will be organized 5 days summer school totally 75 hours for 60 journalists.

    The Europeanisation of public sphere and media researches has been highly dominated by international relations researchers in Europe, because of the perception that EU issues mostly fall in the expert area of IR field. This is a more serious problem in Turkey. If we try to search “Europeanisation of the public sphere in Turkey” in google scholar, unfortunately, we could reach a few communication researchers within the field. Since the communication students do not have courses any available on EU subjects then the awareness level of students and researchers is really low which can easily lead to prejudges.

   The project will mostly focus on creating the core course curriculum on EU and EPS subjects for communication students, create academic work and share it with young journalists as well. Since the project will take three years the added EU and media related knowledge will capture the interest of the students and young researchers and journalists on EU. This academic knowledge will create the academic interest and network and this project will foster the engagement of young academics in teaching and research on European subjects and young journalists who will understand and argue the EU subjects in the field of communication. The research related aim of this project is to publish 6 academic work within 3 years  This basic step will lead a more sophisticated academic future in the long run in Aegean district in Turkey.

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