Circus of Emotions – COE


Circus of Emotions – COE

Circus of Emotions – COE

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The Circus of Emotions Project, which is a workshop will be held between 25 November-3 November 2018 in Modena Region, Vignola. A total of 16 young people from partner countries will participate in the project, and tools will be used to enable young people to recognize and develop their creativity. It aims to improve the direction of youth workers in the projects of youth exchange.
Main objectives of the project:

  • Better understanding of the role of youth workers in the success of a youth exchange project;
  • Contributing to the identification and development of a new tool to help young participants to be more aware of the active roles of young people, to help them practice and manage emotions in the project;
  • To draw attention to how the dysfunctional behaviors of the participants can reduce the success of an exchange project and lead to significant results on all other participants;
  • Strengthen the awareness of youth workers about how important it is to use art techniques as tools for discovery, analysis, and reflection.

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12.206 €

Institutional Budget


PASSI Società Cooperativa – Italy


Erasmus+ Programme- Key Action 1- Learning Mobility of Individuals




  • Yaşar University – Turkey
  • Dynamo International – Belgium
  • Historias de Jacintos – Spain
  • CED – Macedonia
  • Youth for Equality – Slovakia
  • Iniciatyvu klubas Kitu Kampu – Lithuania
  • MTÜ JazzOn – Estonia

Institutional Project Coordinator

Burcu KİPER, Project Processes Chief, EU Center