Sosyal Entegrasyon için Üniversite ve Lise Gençliği El Ele-SENTULGE


Sosyal Entegrasyon için Üniversite ve Lise Gençliği El Ele-SENTULGE

Sosyal Entegrasyon için Üniversite ve Lise Gençliği El Ele-SENTULGE

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The project aims to foster social integration of a group of high school students living in a rural and socio-economically lagging region of Izmir through sports and cultural activities which are led by the students and young training staff of a university which has high socio-economic profile in the same region. The project will be realized through the cooperation between Yaşar University and Aybers Hikmet Karabacak High School and targeting students from these two education institutions. The project will bring together the students of two education institutions, coming from totally different socio-economic backgrounds, and it will provide them an active platform where the social integration of highschool students will be realized by the univesity students and young training staff. The students will get intensive basketball and dance courses led by young and experinced trainers, and in addition to this, the same group will conduct cultural excursions to the main places such as libraries, and museums of Izmir in order to know better about the city they live in. These students live in the same city but do not share the same environment due to their totally opposite socio-economic backgrounds, will have the chance to learn more about each other. The univeristy students will contribute to the social integration of the disadvantaged youth group. 20 students from each institutions (in total 40 students) will share the same environment, which is normally not easily possible because of the socio-economic and cultural differences of these two group of students. The students of both institutions will benefit from the project and will raise their social awareness. Yaşar University is a private university and the socio-economic standards of the students are higher than the high school students who live in the periphery of the city with a very low socio-economic level. The project will be pioneer in this sense, and will be a good model for the future youth projects in Izmir by strenghtening the dialogue and tolarence between young people.

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7.950 €

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Yasar University


YOUTH-Action 1.2




Aybars Hikmet Karabacak Lisesi

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayselin YILDIZ