Lighting Design State of the Art & New Trends (LIDE)


Lighting Design State of the Art & New Trends (LIDE)

Lighting Design State of the Art & New Trends (LIDE)

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LiDe aims at contributing to design issues using light (daylight or artificial light) as a design tool. The thematic area of lighting to be served by this IP is multidisciplinary. LiDe offers intensive summer courses on three thematic topics: (i) Light & technology, (ii) Light art & culture and (iii) Urban master lighting planning. The courses will include lectures and training.

The target group of the Lide-IP consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students from various scientific disciplines (electrical and environmental engineering, architecture, designers and artists) and Universities across Europe.

The main activities of LiDe concern an intensive summer school on lighting design as mentioned in the topics above. Each topic will consist of teaching (lectures) and training (experiments, computer simulation, lighting-design applications and team projects). Since LiDe is a design course mixed with knowledge on technology and physics, the final activity will consist of a team project where all knowledge acquired in the summer school might be implemented. In order for the summer school to run smoothly, careful design will be taken in advance, i.e., organization and administration of the LiDe, structure and contents of the summer schools and finally the evaluation of the whole course.

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35.950 Euro

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Hellenic Open University (Greece)


LLP/ ERASMUS- Intensive Programmes (IP)




  • Yasar University – Turkey
  • Paul Sabatier University Toulouse 3 – France
  • Ecole Nationale Des Travaux Publics De L’etat – Entpe – France
  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca – Romania
  • Ankara University – Turkey
  • University Of Ljubljana – Slovenia
  • Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg – Belgium
  • Georg-Simon-Ohm-Fachhochschule Nürnberg – Germany
  • National Technical University of Athens – Greece

Institutional Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Tayfun TANER