Interdisciplinary Intervention and Community Spaces (IICS)


Interdisciplinary Intervention and Community Spaces (IICS)

Interdisciplinary Intervention and Community Spaces (IICS)

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IICS is a three-year interdisciplinary project that concerns areas of artistic participation which receive insufficient attention and exposure in the curricula of HEIs. It aims to help and encourage students from different disciplines to pool their skills, expand their abilities, collaborate within and between the arts in innovative ways, and above all to work in a social dimension, interacting with specific European local communities and urban landscapes. Thirty students selected from ten European cities (and twelve partner schools) will be divided into six transnational “working groups”, each consisting of five students from different disciplinary fields. The subject areas of the selected students will embrace all the widely varying branches of the arts, as well as areas of study in media, technology and social sciences. The students will learn to assess the problems and needs of specific local communities within a European city, to interact with the varying urban contexts, to evolve creative ideas, and to implement them. At the same time they will develop communicative and entrepreneurial skills through the promotion and documentation of their projects. The activities will take place in two distinct phases: a Preparatory Period (using web-based social media tools) during which the working groups research the architectural, anthropological and social characteristics of the locations chosen for performance and discuss possible solutions; and a ten-day Intensive Period in one city, divided between the further deepening of knowledge and competences (field work, workshops and seminars), the creative work (discussion, preparation, rehearsal and performance) and promotion (press conference, promotional material and documentation). Each year the project will take place in a different host city and with different students. In Year 2 the venue will be Cork, Ireland.The ten teachers, one from each of the partner cities, are selected from different subject areas and represent complementary skills, competences and approaches.

They will be assisted in the field by local experts recruited from the host city. They will not only plan, supervise and monitor the students’ work, but also lay the foundations for subsequent curriculum development in an insufficiently studied area.

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44.112,00 €

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University of Gothenburg- Sweden


Erasmus Intensive Programmes Project




  • Yaşar Üniversity
  • Academy of Fine Arts of Verona – Italy
  • University of Music and Fine Arts, Vienna – Austuria
  • Universität der Kunste Berlin – Germany
  • Conservatorio di musica “E.F.Dall’Abaco” – Italy
  • Cork School of Music, Cork Institute of Technology – Ireland
  • The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Drama – Lithuania
  • The Vilnius Art Academy – Lithuania
  • Academy of Music and Fine Arts, Porto – Portugal
  • Academy of Music and Theatre, Bratislava – Slovakia
  • Birmingham City University – England

Institutional Project Coordinator

Payam SUSANNI, Lecturer, [email protected]