Title United in the Same Wine Glass
Contract Num. 2011-1-TR1-GRU13-27571
Description Europe includes several cultures within its’ borders. These cultures are connected with each other through many common  elements. It is  significant to learn these elements and increase awareness towards them for creating better integration  of the people in Europe. The formal learning methods are not enough and inclusive to provide this learning opportunity. Using the common  products and elements of Europe as a tool may facilitate to develop these innovative learning methods. Wine is one of the most important products which is processed deeply inside of the European culture. The thousands years history of wine closely interwined with the history of agriculture, cuisine, civilization and humanity itself.

Wine has played a significant role in the development of European civilizations for years. It has been an element of cultural and commercial exchange, social life, worship, tourism and agriculture and it has been the common drink of all social classes in Europe. The target group of the workshop will be adults from different European countries who are interested in European culture and history. The main aim of the project is to provide a learning and sharing platform on European culture by using wine as a common cultural product and heritage of Europe.

Website of the project: http://unitedinwine.yasar.edu.tr/

Start Date 18 June 2012
End Date 22 June 2012
Budget 14.000 Euros
Coordinator Institution
Yasar University EU Center
Program Grundtvig Workshops
Partners 12 Adults from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia
Project Coordinator Lecturer Dr. Gökay Ozerim, gokay.ozerim@yasar.edu.tr
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