Title Underwater Photography – IPUP
Contract Num. TR-ERA-18-2008-220363-1-10
Description The project aims to develope and incorporate the underwater photography/videography education into the curriculums of media, film, and communication departments of European universities which is a need. Main objective of the project is to introduce students to the underwater photography and giving them a formal training opportunity with a certificates for their career development. Teaching convential photographic techniques and ability to use cameras underwater are crucial to the project. Sharing and developing new teaching and learning methods are some other objectives of the project. Meanwhile, one other aim is creating a multicultural, cooperative, and active environment between participating students and institutions.

Website of the project: http://up.yasar.edu.tr

Start Date 2008-09-01
End Date 2009-08-31
Budget 25.231 €
Coordinator Yasar University – Yrd.Doç.Dr. Çağrı İnceoğlu
Program LLP/Intensive Programmes
Partners Kemi Tornion University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
Szent Istvan University (Hungary)
Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland)
Kaunas College (Lithuania)
Instituto Politecnico do Porto (Portugal)
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