Title The Network of European Studies-SENT
Contract Num. 134461-LLP-1-2007-1-IT-ERASMUS-ENW
Description The Network of European Studies (SENT) – brings together 70 partners from EU member states, candidate countries and a number of associated ones. It is an ambitious, far reaching project and network aiming at assessing the state of EU studies today, as well as the idea of Europe as it is transmitted by schools, national politicians, media, films, etc. SENT’s main goal in this first phase will be to map European studies, to understand how EU studies developed in the different disciplines and in different countries, which directions they are now taking etc., in order to get a comprehensive review of the evolution of European studies over the last decades in the different disciplines and countries. We identified 5 disciplines where EU studies have particularly evolved: law, politics, economics, history, social and cultural studies. The mapping of EU studies should also include a review of the most studied issues in EU studies today, the main academic schools, and the most influential journals and books published.
Project Website http://www.sent-net.uniroma2.it
Start Date 2007-09-01
End Date 2010-09-01
Budget 1.157.917 €
Coordinator University of Rome Tor Vergata (ITALY)
Program LLP/Thematic Networks
Partners For Partners please visit: http://www.sent-net.uniroma2.it/?page_id=4
Institutional Project Coordinator Ayselin Yildiz, ayselin.yildiz@yasar.edu.tr
Project Team:
Huriye Toker, huriye.toker@yasar.edu.tr
Duygu Türker, duygu.turker@yasar.edu.tr
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