Title Proje Zengini İzmir (Funded by İzmir Development Agency-IZKA)
Contract Num.
Description “Project Rich İzmir” is a social development project funded by Izmir Development Agency (IZKA). It will be conducted in cooperation of Yaşar Üniversitesi and Izmir Governorship EU and International Relations Coordination Center.The aim of the project is to provide social and economic development by  increasing the  number and quality of the projects prepared and conducted in Izmir. In this context, the  project purposes to raise awareness in Izmir towards national and international grants and to develop skills on project writing and coordination.With these goals,  project cycle management trainings were organized in 8 different periods by the participation of various target groups from Izmir. 320 participants attended to the trainings of the project from all over the Izmir.
Project Website  http://www.izmirab.gov.tr/projeler/projelerimiz/101-projezenginiizmir
Start Date 2009-07-01
End Date 2010-03-01
Budget 129.330 TL
Coordinator Izmir Governorship EU and International Relations Coordination Center
Program İzmir Development Agency (IZKA)
Partners Yasar University
Pictures  proje zengini izmir