Title Peace with Numbers in the Field of Social Science-PeSoNum
Contract Num. TR-ERA-18-2008-220363-1-09
Description Yasar University aims to bring together social science and humanities department students with teachers of partner Universities around the theme of statistics, which is a multidisciplinary approach. The aim of the IP is to show how it is necessary for students to understand the language of the statistics in order to understand the concepts and the statistical procedures. It is a common fact that mostly the students of social sciences lack statistical knowledge and they usually have deficiencies in terms of supporting their researches with statistical data and statistical analysis. This will provide the basis, and support the developing statistical research in new areas of social sciences.

Project website: http://pesonum.yasar.edu.tr

Start Date 2008-09-01
End Date 2009-08-31
Budget 21.539 €
Coordinator Yasar University – Öğr.Gör.Huriye Toker
Program LLP/Intensive Programmes
Partners University of Rome La Sapienza (İtalya)
Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland)
Szent Istvan University (Hungary)