Title Jean Monnet Chair
Contract Num. 199742-LLP-1-2011-1-TR-AJM-CH
Description Jean Monnet Chair is an award given to academic members and their affiliated institutions for their successful academic publications and other activities in the field of European Studies. This award given by the European Commission aims to support new projects, seminars, academic studies, publications and lectures in the field of European Studies under the coordination of the successful academic member. The application of Head of Departmet Assoc. Prof. Aylin Güney for the Department of International Relations in Yasar University has been granted Jean Monnet Chair for International Relations and European Studies for 3 years. We are proud of this award due to its support for new studies in this field and bringing international prestige to our university in addition to being the highest budget Jean Monnet Chair in Izmir by 2011.


Start Date 2011
End Date 2014
Budget 42 000 Euro
Coordinator Yaşar University
Program European Commission – Life Long Learning Programme
Institutional  Project Coordinator Assoc.Prof.Dr. Aylin GÜNEY