Title If the ECSC was Negotiated Today
Contract Num. 210900-IC-1-2002-1-SI-ERASMUS-EUC-1
Description “If the ECSC was negotiated today a new European Energy Community” is a three day conference that took place in Rome between 18-21 June 2008.
Its aim is to bring students the awareness of the importance that a European energy policy had in the past, as start up engine of the integration process, as well as the importance that it has today in solving thorny problems like climate change, growing dependence on imports and oil’s rising price.
The fact that the Energy Policy is still not an exclusive EU competence and important steps in this direction have been only made since last year, will give to the students the possibility to work for a strategic living matter at EU level and this will surely give them a particular enthusiasm. It is not difficult to imagine that, during the negotiations for a new European Energy Community, an original solution to the energy problem will rise in order to give an important contribution to the real decision-making process in this field.

Website: http://www.eusimulation.uniroma2.it

Start Date 2007
End Date 2008
Budget 25,000 €
Coordinator University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)
Program Jean Monnet
Partners Frei Universitat Berlin (Germany)
University of Nebrija (Spain)
University of Zagreb (Hungary)
Leiden University (Netherlands)
Yasar University
Institutional Project Coordinator Ayselin Yıldız, ayselin.yildiz@yasar.edu.tr