Staff Training of Gamification as a Tool of Inclusion & Entrepreneurship for Young Refugees & Migrants (GET INCLUDED)” Project

Within the scope of “Get Included” Project, staff training was organized between 23th and 27th September 2019 in İzmir. The training was hosted by Dokuz Eylül University with participation of partner organization’s staff from Turkey, Greece, Jordan and Spain. The aim of the training was to contribute to the improvement of knowledge, skills and competences of youth workers, trainers and related target group about using gamification in entrepreneurship activities. During this 5-day training, participants tested the Board Game “PlayInn” and online portal which were developed by the project partnership and gave feedback in order to make improvements.

‘Get Included’ is a two-year Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in the field of youth which aims to raise the capacity of refugee and migrant youth by using gamification and entrepreneurship which will lead to their inclusion into the society.