RiEcoLab Project Training Series

Within the scope of EIT EU project, “RİEcoLab – Responsible Innovation-Led Entrepreneurial University Transformation Centres (Ecosystem Integration Labs)”, first training series which aims to increase the innovative capacity of higher education institutions is launched.

The vision of AgTech-EIL, by 2030, is to become Aegean Region’s most active innovation/entrepreneurship hub fostering inclusive spin-offs/startups/scale-ups and creating and sustaining innovative networks, pioneering in the areas of digital technologies applied in the agri-food sector; hence, to achieve sustainable circular economic development meeting all the regional, environmental, cultural, and social needs, in compliance with all quadruple helix actors (industry, academia, government and civil society).

Who can participate?

If you are a researcher or student or technology transfer professional who wants to make a true impact in your Regional Ecosystem and Society by exploring the commercial impact impact of your research, JOIN! (Recommended toolkit among the other six toolkits: TOOLKIT 4)

If you hold a managerial or administrative position in your institution or if you are a technology transfer professional, who wants to make a true impact in your Regional Ecosystem and Society by making your institution more Entrepreneurial, JOIN! (Recommended toolkits among the other six toolkits: TOOLKIT 3 & TOOLKIT 2)

How to participate?

Please follow the link below to REGISTER, FOLLOW THE VIDEO PRESENTATIONS and TAKE THE ASSESSMENT to receive your certificate!